Monday, April 22, 2013

I love Tallinn!

Tallinn, Estonia is one of my favorite places in the world! From the moment we got there everything just felt inviting and cozy. If you ever make it to the Baltic states, Tallinn better be number one on your list! Most European cities have an "Old Town" where you have the cobblestone streets and things. They are super fun to visit, but most of them look the same. Tallinn is unique because it has a lot of medieval history. The atmosphere was something you just can't beat.
Tallinn Bound!

 Climbed 258 super narrow, spiral steps to get this view!
I love European streets.

Old city wall

 You get a good experience of old own in just a day or two, so on the third day we headed to the beach! It was FREEZING! My feet hurt so bad just standing in the water. All the natives were walking around in jackets and hats and were looking a us like were were insane. They were possibly right... but whats life if you don't live a little.

 We met the greatest people in Estonia! I know people don't smile too much in the Baltics, and maybe it's just because this city is super touristy, but people were so nice! Like the man who didn't know english but came up and insisted on taking a group photo for us, the lady who worked at the awesome medieval pub who was super fun and generous when we ordered apple pies, the flattering gentleman at the crepe house ;), the guy who knew lost girls when he saw us and steered us in the right direction... Oh Tallinn. I could kiss you!

This was at the Crepe place called the Kompressor. They were hands down, the BEST crepes I've ever eaten in my entire life. The were huge and amazingly satisfying. 

 My other favorite food was from the medival place in town hall. Everything was just a euro! They had thick elk soup and phenomenal apple pies! On top of that, once you got your food you could spear your own homemade pickle from a barrel for free! Kinda like bobbing for apples. I was a pro. Wish i had better pictures but that was us trying to catch a pickle.

                                              Oh, and Tallinn has some sweet graffiti too. :)

If you ever want to travel, put this place on the top of your list!

Viso Gero!

P.s.- Funny story real quick: To say goodbye to various people around town, Kerry and I have been pronouncing that (Vee-sah Geh-dah). Apparently when you are as lame as us, you have been telling the cashiers at the local grocery that "Everyone's Drinking!" for the past three months.

P.s.s- Also... i've been getting a bunch of views in Germany. On the one-in-a-billion chance you're the lady who sat next to me on the plane to Frankfurt- Contact me! I'm headed back your way in just over a week and we should meet up! (*Super wishful thinking)

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